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Financial Literacy

By Duke Kunkler

My all time favorite book on personal finance and literacy.

The Slight Edge

By Jeff Olson

This was the book that started everything for me.


Think and Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

This book has been around for a very long time and I know why.

The Richest Man in Babylon

By George S. Clason

A very easy read. Simple story telling that teaches you crucial financial ideology.


By Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.

A growth mindset is key to financial and creative freedom.

Real Artists Don't Starve

By Jeff Goins

Fascinating overview of legendary artists throughout history dismantling the "starving artist" stigma.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

By Deepak Chopra

A practical guide to the fulfillment of your dreams.

The War of Art

By Steven Pressfield

A must read for creatives.

Apps & Services


Track all of your expenses, document receipts from your phone, send invoices and keep thriving.


Knowledge commerce platform, great way to build online courses (hint hint music educators.) Get 15% off permanently.

Personal Capital

Excellent platform to track income, expenses and net worth.


Get Rich Education

Don't let the title mislead you. This podcast is quite helpful to those who seek passive income especially via real estate investing.

Freakonomics Radio

Great show for things you might not know but should.

Her Money

A great resource for women, but finances are gender neutral gentleman!


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