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Meet Spenser Liszt

For over 12 years, Spenser Liszt has served as a freelance saxophonist, performer, composer, woodwind specialist, marketing coordinator, contractor, curator and educator based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. 

As the founder of Thriving Musician, his mission is to drastically improve the lives of musicians by teaching financial awareness, mindset, and music business through clinics, courses and coaching.

Speaking From Experience

As a professional musician with a Master’s in Jazz Studies performing in world class venues with world class musicians and proud of my ability to “make a living performing,” I found myself with $67 to my name in August of 2015.

After 18 months of self development I bought my first property, increased my yearly income over 250%, and have more creative and financial freedom than I thought possible.

4 Simple Steps to Save an Emergency Fund

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4 Simple Steps to Save an Emergency Fund

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