Ep. 19: An Entertainment Lawyer Talks Music Business Basics

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William is an entertainment lawyer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He works with singers, musicians, bands, record labels, managers, publishers, and film producers. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Music from the University of North Texas and his law degree from Southern Methodist University. He is licensed to practice law in both Texas and Pennsylvania.


Topics mentioned:

  • Working with musicians, bands, singer/songwriters, band managers, record labels, video game designers, film producers
  • Current state of the music industry
  • Importance of learning the jargon
  • Elements of a contract you have to know
  • Forming a legal entity
  • Limited Liability Company, S Corp, C Corp, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Sole Proprietor
  • When to consider hiring an entertainment attorney
  • Building a team
  • What is a contract?
  • Different types of agreements
  • Management contract tips
  • Sunset clause
  • Key man clause
  • Performance contract provisions
  • Band membership agreement
  • Should freelancers use contracts with bandleaders?
  • Taking responsibility
  • Copyrighting your music
  • Recording contracts
  • Independent Record Labels
  • Deal Memo
  • 360 Deals
  • Potential consequences of not working with a lawyer

Resources & Names mentioned:

Connect with William:

[email protected]

(469) 573-2628




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