Ep. 35: NY Actress Derails The Starving Artist Stigma

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Melissa Robinette was born into the circus and spent her early days traveling on the road. Immeidately after high school she left her small town in Northern San Diego with her first union card and sailed around the world performing on cruise ships. In 2002 MelRob came to New York city, booked her first audition and never looked back!

Currently Melissa lives on an organic farm in Astoria, Queens, New York with her husband, 2 recue pitbulls (Ruby and Thomas) and 4 chickens. She started her own micro-business The Biz of Show. Melissa was elected Eastern Regional Vice President of Actors Equity in 2012 and 1st Vice President of Actors Equity in 2017.

Topics discussed:

  • Growing up in the circus
  • Working at an early age
  • Moving to New York
  • Learning about cashflow for freelancers
  • Getting divorced with debt
  • Books to learn about financial literacy
  • The power of self awareness
  • Using the union for protection
  • Estate planning
  • Asking for more
  • Being an artist in commerce
  • Money items vs non-money items
  • “I counter offer with…”
  • WWBD
  • Planning for longevity through fluctuations
  • The starving artist stigma
  • Mental wellness
  • Multiple streams of income
  • Drawing boundaries
  • White knight syndrome
  • Starting a business

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