Ep. 42: Texas Fiddler Directs The Texas Music Office

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As Director of the Texas Music Office, Brendon Anthony sets the agenda for business development, helping music industry professionals navigate their entry into the Texas market, as well as moving their businesses to Texas (including corporations, start-ups, and everything in between). Appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott in 2015, Brendon provides the link between the Office of the Governor's Economic Development & Tourism Division executive staff, private sector music industry businesses, and non-governmental music organizations and trade associations. In addition to leading the Texas Music Office, Brendon is also the point person for the Music Friendly Communities program which helps connect the various music markets throughout the state with one another, establishes best practices for economic development success, and fosters the development and connection of higher education music programs to real-world music business opportunity. 

Topics discussed:

  • Growing up in semi-rural texas
  • Plaing violin (fiddle)
  • “You need me in your band”
  • Learning how to be malleable in the studio
  • Finding mentors early
  • Getting through college while touring
  • Playing nationally in the country scene
  • Transitioning away from tour life
  • Finding investors and building a music media/ticketing/logistics startup
  • Getting appointed to run the Texas Music Office
  • The financial realities of a music career
  • How the Texas Music Office operates

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