My Story Part 3: When The Slow Process Snowballs

"It's a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up."

My mother gave me "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson right around the time my bank account showed a $67 balance in 2015. That book ignited a flame that would change everything. I went into a learning frenzy. I was always into self-development in other aspects of my life, but not financially. Over the next 18 months I consumed a wide range of books, podcasts, online education tools and started taking action.

Frustrated with my music career at the time, I adjusted my focus toward personal development and financial awareness with the intention of financing my personal music endeavors later on.

My life started changing immediately after putting things I learned into practice. I improved my mindset and attitude, focused on assets instead of liabilities, and started saying no to opportunities that would have led me astray. I also noticed changes I never could have fathomed. I started getting paid more for work and better opportunities started to blossom. My income increased 286% over two years. All from making very small changes in my life.

The idea of passive income, assets vs liabilities, and financial freedom led to an interest in real estate. I was tired of renting and living in scarcity so I made a goal of buying property as my first investment. I set up a savings and retirement account with automatic monthly payments and kept my expenses low.

My initial goal was to purchase a 4-plex, live in one unit and rent out the rest. I soon came to realize buying property as a freelance musician is an absolute nightmare. I then tried duplexes and single family homes to no avail so I settled on buying a condo. 

The process was grueling and felt like a lifetime, but I learned a lot from it. Typing this from my condo today, it's hard to believe only 18 months prior to buying this property I had less than $100 to my name. Real change happens faster than you think.

There are many obstacles and stereotypes associated with freelance musicians. I felt like I was part of a financial caste system especially when trying to get a bank loan for the condo. The gatekeepers of capitalism made me feel like I should quit and accept my fate as a poor musician who doesn't deserve a house, insurance, financial freedom, etc. I realized the only reason gatekeepers look down on freelancers is because we look down on ourselves. I'm here to prove that we are capable of freedom and our creativity will get us there.

This massive transformation led to discovering my true purpose in life...

To be continued.


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