Ep. 33: Four Simple Steps To Save An Emergency Fund

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Learn the 4 simple steps to save an emergency fund.

Follow along by downloading my free PDF: www.spenserliszt.com/EmergencyFund

Topics discussed:

  • How to combat spending issues
  • What to save for
  • What is an emergency?
  • The power of insurance
  • Preparing for loss of income
  • Avoiding credit cards or loans to pay for emergencies
  • The downward spiral of debt
  • Add up mandatory monthly expenses
  • Decide how many months to set aside
  • Determine what %...
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Ep. 32: LA Guitarist Takes Calculated Risks While Touring The World


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Sean Hurwitz is a multi-talented musician, producer and song writer. Originally from Israel where he started as a session guitarist and sound engineer, he worked with all the top artists. This inspired him to reach for even greater heights in the international music scene.

Sean is passionate, energetic and generous of spirit as a guitarist, bassist, producer and writer. He is ever the consummate professional whose trademark...

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Ep. 31: Massachusetts Musicians Produce Inclusive Music Festival

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Mara Penatzer and Cait Simpson are creative partners who co-founded Dwellings Arts, a non- profit dedicated to creating arts events that center work by artists who identify as women, non- binary, LGBTQ+, and/or POC; providing artist resources and paid performance opportunities; safe(r) workplaces in the performing arts; and financially accessible workshops/retreats/ residencies and professional development for artists. They...

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Ep. 30: Songwriter Finds Confidence & Abundance Mindset

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Jordan Coffing is a well established vocalist and songwriter in the DFW metroplex, her style is evocative and captivating, playfully finessing even the most sophisticated melodies, all the while displaying a tone that is lush and compelling.

Coffing attended the world renowned High School For the Performing and Visual arts in Houston TX and holds a degree in Vocal Jazz Performance from the internationally acclaimed University of...

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Ep. 29: Chicago Musicians Uncover 300+ Income Sources

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Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan are musicians, authors, journalists, public speakers, instructors, and consultants. Their recently released book, Making Money With Music (Macmillan), shows musicians how to tap over 100+ revenue streams, grow their fan base, and thrive in today's music environment. They also wrote the The Indie Band Survival Guide (1st & 2nd Editions, Macmillan), The DIY Musician (Random House), are columnists at...

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